Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or treat around the Maypole!

Evil spirits beware! People getting nekkid!
Yeah, that time of year again.
The time we celebrate hallowe'en! Yay!

Wait, we're in the southern hemisphere.  Why are celebrating halloween now?
I mean, shouldn't this be our time of fertility and celebration?

Makes little sense to me that we follow blindly in the footsteps of our Northern Hemisphere forebears. But lets not get bogged down in the where's and whyfor's of all that.

Main purpose here? To be lazy and make a blog from copypasting a wee conversation I had on the issue. Got us on to the topic of the Wiccan... whatever it is.

me: oh wow
i could talk all night about this

her: About wicca or the solstice's ?
me: wicca (masc. n, from old english for sorceror or wizard, feminine form wicce, meaning witch:P)
her: lol you know a lot about this

me: etymology throws up all sorts of cognates - mostly germanic in origin
from verbs meaning prophetic, or divination
...ok, prophetic isnt a verb
but you get my drift
but there are also word roots which mean 'to divide, or seperate'
as well as the boring old 'sorceror or witch'
the proper form should be wicce though, as most of the word roots have the feminine as the basic form, with a masculine form aswell
i also find it ironic that wicca, being a primarily female 'culture/religion/mythos'
primarily uses the masculine form
of the word
ah, thats interesting
apparently theres some school of thought which offers the gothic 'weg' as the primary root
weg, 'to wake'
or 'rouse'
that intrigues me
all of them kind of fit, really
in a way, wicce is then a very conjugation of all those things - prophetic, sacred, rousing, bending, dividing, weaving, witching...
its a good word
fits its purpose well
her: lol just a little knowledgeable rant

Yeah.. Theres a nice little disjointed blogpost for you all
It's late, and theres evil spirits about, apparently.  
That, or we're all supposed to get up tomorrow and dance around a big, be-ribboned pole, and then go off and have sex in the forest

Or something

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