Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keeping an Open Mind...

..is hard to do sometimes, and even when you're successful, it has its own pros and cons.

Some of you regular readers (thanks Mum! ;) may remember my 'It's a bit Fishy' blog. You may also recall that its 'Part 1', which naturally suggests that there are other parts to the blog, wherein I may actually get to some sort of point. Now I assure you all, I did have a point. And I'm pretty sure it was a good one too.
Trouble is, the more I read and research, the more that point...seems to transmogrify.
See, I think I fall into the trap of having TOO much of an open mind, at times.

Maybe it's generally a plus point; I mean, more often than not, I can pick up and read just about any treatise, tract or text, and approach it openly with very little in the way of bias or preconceived notions (barring certain subjects, anyway...) And certainly, it's much better than the alternative.
The problem arises when I'm trying to bring you, my dear readers, topics of interest and intrigue, and present them with clarity, a cohesive argument, and above all, some form of salient point. Now sure, I generally fail at at least one these, but the attempt is there nonetheless.
Then I have to sift through all manner of new and often crazy ideas and thoughts, to bring out the old and crazy thoughts, and God/Buddha/The Great Architect/FSM knows how wretchedly difficult that can be.

Of course, I could just stop attempting to write multi-part blogs... but then again, the Artist must suffer for his Art.

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  1. Dear Undergod; It sounds as if you have too much stuff circulating around in that head of yours... perhaps you need to order your points out on the page and attack them with a systemised approach. I also find that alcohol helps with this...