Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Magic USB™!

In stores now! The Magic USB! It not only transfers data, it does ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE!
Need to port video and sound from pc to tv? Just whack in the Magic USB!
Need to read data off of a dead pc? Just connect it to a new pc with Magic USB!
Need to stop the Zombie Apocalypse? MAGIC USB!!
Sadly, this is not a real product. No matter how much you WISH it was true.

It's funny, working in retail. You see and experience the gamut of human emotion and character, and it engenders this weird dichotomy - you gain a greater appreciation and fascination for your fellow man, but my GOD the cynicism!

In a way, its much like the internet. You see so much that is just plain stupid, but you also have some wonderfully fascinating experiences. 

OK, the internet is mostly just plain stupid, but my point stands.

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