Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time to clean the windows?

Cor, I am NOT cleaning that one!
Quite some time ago, I came across the theory that ghosts, aliens, visitations, sightings, and a whole host of ethereal, mysterious, mind-boggling and unexplained phenomena can be explained by one thing.

Time Travel.

Well, not specifically Time Travel. More like Time...Windows?
By which I mean, little windows in time that offer glimpses - fleeting or otherwise - of another time, perhaps another place. Now, I'm not necessarily claiming that this *is* in fact a way of explaining all the abovementioned unexplainables. 
It is, however, a very intriguing idea...
So, how do these time windows work?
Well, as far as I can remember, and from what I have extrapolated and expanded in my own way every time I think of this particular theory, it essentially boils down to the idea that time (and space - remember their interrelatedness!) is not in any way linear or straightforward. Rather, it is much like a celtic knot, all intertwined, crossing over the top of itself, under itself, between, through and wound around itself. And without a discernible beginning or end.
Only this knot, was made by a drunk, blind, insane opium-addict, with no hands and three elbows, floating in a space with no gravity.
Or something like that, anyway.

My point is basically (basically but for the fact that I'm completely unable to make anything basic), that these strands and threads of the Knot of Time (I'll trademark that later, so hands off), sometimes tangle, and perhaps... rub against one another. And because the strands are not a traditional material, but the basic stuff of the universe (the universal material, if you will), they are somewhat transparent. These crossed time strands then offer each other glimpses of what is contained within, giving rise to the phenomena of ghosts, ufos... you get the idea. Hence, time 'windows'.

Now, as I mentioned, I find this to be a difficult theory to use to explain certain unexplained phenomena. However, history (and the present.. and probably the future) is/are(!) full of incidents where people will seem to step back in time (or forwards? sideways?), where usually familiar surroundings are seemingly replaced by those of another time. Sometimes the inhabitants of this time are aware of the interloper, sometimes they carry on as if the visitor is but a ghost. Of course, the obverse is also true, where an individual from another time is viewed by those of us in the 'proper' time. 
A good modern example is Bold Street in Liverpool in the UK. There are even some 'paranormal' investigations ongoing in the area, though even if they do happen to shed some light on the issue, they will no doubt be taken too seriously by those who follow paranormal science, and not taken seriously at all by those who follow 'normal' science.

Either way, its an intriguing concept, and one in which I believe I had personal experience relatively recently.
I was driving along a main road, on my way to work. It was raining, and had been for some days, so there was a small amount of localised flooding. As I approached a bridge across a swollen river, two animals appeared to run out from under the bridge on the other side of the river bank, and make their way up towards the road. I slowed down as I approached, in case the animals chanced to run out into the traffic. When I glanced back to keep an eye out for them, they were gone. 
Ok, sure, they could have just gone back under the bridge or into some of the sparse brush near the rivers edge. I didn't think too much of it, except to wonder what type of animal they were. Now, we have a lot of interesting mammals in Australia, but I just couldn't place them, so the incident remained in my mind, niggling like a chipped tooth.

Then I came across these pictures whilst trawling the internets for something completely unrelated.
Whilst not identical, they bear a striking resemblance to the animals I saw running up the river bank.  
Did I catch a glimpse through time into the Oligocene? Perhaps, perhaps not. I'd like to think so, though. Its a pretty magical kind of idea.

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