Friday, February 25, 2011


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a blog writer in possession of little time, must have found himself a wife...
Yep. Got meself hitched over the festive season, and what with organising that, my real job, then the honeymoon, then getting back to work, then getting everything matrimonial settled down... Well. Lets just say I've been perhaps a little tardy when it comes to blogging.
Or a lot tardy.

Ok, so excuses out of the way.
Had a lot of time to think recently, and (as mentioned), little time to actually put digital pen to lcd paper, as it were. One of the things that has stood out dramatically, due in no small part to certain real-life situations I have found myself in, is just how incredibly significant music is to the health of the human soul.

I'm sure this comes as no news at all to most of you. We all know the old saw, "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast". Mythologies, both ancient and modern, abound in examples of the power that harmonious sounds have. We all, I should hope, are familiar with the energetic states different styles of music can put us in. Not only can it soothe and calm, it can stir and fret; spark memory, fire the imagination and direct the soul into out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

I recommend the following: On those days when you are feeling down, or worn, or laden with the stresses and anxieties that modern life can bring, stop, take a moment. Listen to something you haven't listened to in a while. Dust off that CD thats been laying at the bottom of the stack for a while. Dig out a cassette. Go out and enjoy a local live act. Hell, go have a shower and SING!

You'll thank me later.

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