Sunday, September 19, 2010

A bad case of writers blog

Yes ok, two blogs in one day? What the...?

I write when I feel the urge. I'm not going to force a blog entry out, just cos I feel the need to keep to at least a 'one-a-week' schedule.  Having said that, yes, I do intend to make one (quasi-interesting) blog entry every week.  Or close to, anyway.

At the start of this blog, I sort of wanted to keep out any hint of my writing something which may or may not turn into a novel of sorts one day.  But, I... changed my mind.  Part of it has something to do with this blog.  In a way, I'm kind of using this blog as a way of doing research, and clarifying the thought processes that are going into the background of the story to this maybe-novel.  So, in a very essential kind of way, this blog is actually ALL about me writing something.

I've had a fascination with 'alternative' history for a long time now.  I don't mean those 'what-if' scenarios that you often find (what if Germany had won the war? what if the Plague wiped out most of the European population?)  I mean more, 'Theory A' is the accepted, consensus view of history; 'Theory WTF?!' is the alternative...(and sometimes it really IS theory WTF?!)
I guess the most infamous alternative historian of the modernish era is Erich von Daniken.  Chariots of the Gods is both very persuasive, and very puerile, often in the same paragraph.  Despite the immaturity of some of the arguments, it introduced the idea of alternative views of history to popular culture.

One of the more modern advocates, and a very tireless advocate he is too, is Graham Hancock. Fingerprints of the Gods is a massive, globe spanning epic, in which the authors and their photographers explore a number of different cultures and their architecture, myths, art, religion... In a way, it really coloured my perception of the world today (or at least, my perception of the history of it), and probably lay the groundwork for much subsequent research.
This all ties back into the writing, as the maybe-novel is (will be?) very epoch-spanning.  I didn't intend for it to be so epic in scope, but there you are.  At its root, it is still a very 'good vs evil' sort of tale, in a way, but I fully intend to steer well clear of the 'traditional' labels of such.
What this all boils down to, I suppose is that, if I seem a little 'late' in putting up a blog post, it probably means I've hit a good run with adding to the tale, so don't fret! I'm still writing somewhere else!

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