Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Bread

Where to begin?
I think I've spent about three or four weeks going through any one of a dozen different topics (which I've been researching, and re-reading about, and making sure I have my facts straight, and blah blah blah), trying to come up with something that was fitting as a first blog post.

You'd think I'd know by now that the first anything is never perfect, and to keep in mind that old, sweet adage: Keep it Simple, Stupid!

So, Simple it is.
I'm writing this blog to.. do many things.  To have some sort of record of the thoughts that pass through my head. To generate discussion, debate; hell, I'd settle for something polemic, most days. To clarify things, ideas, concepts, abstracts, that occur to me in those odd moments (I want to invent waterproof paper for when those moments strike in the shower).
All these things, and probably more.  There shall be ranting, there shall be mind-numbing moanings about the inanity of some elements of the human race.

Yes, this is me keeping it simple.  You've been warned.

I do kind of want to introduce a certain topic, though. A kind of description...almost an apology, for the title of this blog.
Some of you may be familiar with the concept of bread of gold.  It appears, in some form or another, in numerous manuscripts in the ancient world: the bible, the pyramid texts, the koran... there's a substance very much like it described in the Vedas, the Babylonians were familiar with it...
In more modern times the substance was found again, was known to alchemists, under many different names. It's been recently re-re-re-discovered, as something called monoatomic gold, or white powder gold. It has some pretty fascinating properties.
It's been suggested that this 'bread' is what King Solomon gave to King Hiram of Tyre (possibly) in exchange for (literally) a kings ransom in regular gold (it's in the bible, people, look it up).
Now, I don't want to go into the details of why this white powder gold was known as bread, or white bread, or what have you, to the ancients.  Suffice to say that I've read some fairly persuasive arguments as to that is in fact what they did, and that the substance was monoatomic gold.
In a roundabout kind of way, it reminded my of the old (very old) King's Prayer. The ancestry of that particular prayer is a discussion for another time. The debate that rages over the translation of numerous parts of it is a discussion that may never be broached here.
That line though: "Give us this day our daily bread"
Got me thinking.
What bread?

So, when agonising over what to call my blog, I eventually settled on something that sort of encapsulates what this blog will eventually, in a fractured kind of way, be about.
breadofgold represents all those little concepts, and nuggets of information that are out there, scattered in amongst the dross of history, in the slag of thousands of years of human endeavour and struggle and progress and pain.  Like nuggets of gold indeed, they are, as to me they are windows, pieces of a puzzle to the true picture of human history, nuggets of ideas and concepts and information that have been buried for all this time, and just await rediscovery, for someone to wash off the dirt of ages, and let the light shine upon it once more.

Ok, so I waxed a little lyrical there. Or something.




  1. Ahhhh... A brain. I await more of these blogs. My mind has been fed.

    As you said, the alchemists found the substance monoatomic gold, this could very much so be the 'bread' traded between kings for actual gold. As therefore the line "give us this day our daily bread" could possibly be the term used for gold or money. As families would say it in the morning so it could actually mean 'wages' or 'salary' that they would gain to be able to feed each other. It could have a vast rage of meanings.

  2. most of the debate amongst more theological types centres around the translation of the words 'this day'. Apparently the original Hebrew and Greek versions denote a future tense of some sort. I don't quite see how that overly changes the meaning so much, but it's important to some folks, i guess...

    What I find fascinating are the correlations between the 'manna from heaven' and monoatomic gold, and the references to bread, and where and how that fits into the prayer.
    Also interesting are the websites out there that claim monoatomic gold is a tool of the Illuminati, apparently for the purpose of degrading our DNA somehow.
    Anyone looking for a bit of a laugh should do a google search on the reptilian shapeshifters who apparently control things on earth...