Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Horns of a ...?

OK, pop quiz/statistical survey combination time!!

Most of you should be familiar with this popular idiom.  Traditionally, there is only one answer, but apparently I'm part of a small minority when it comes down to the way that the word the completes the phrase in the title is spelled!

So I'd now like to open the floor to the people. I'm going to try this on an honesty box style system, so please give me your first answer in the comment, and then any subsequent discussion derived from the link I'm about to post!

Linky (Spoiler Alert!)

I'd also like to know if anyone else has encountered similar issues.  I for one was a little shocked to discover that it is no longer necessary to double space after a period in most published/publishable manuscripts, yet I was taught this way.  Perhaps I'm just showing my age (or at least, the age of those who taught me... hmmm)


  1. Did you also know that a lot of publishing houses are preferring dialogue to be quoted in a single apostrophe ('I don't like that,' he said.) as opposed to the double which I am far more used to? ("Of course you don't," she grumbled.) I think it comes down to a matter of trends and each publishing house have their own styling that they prefer. I've heard the key is consistancy. Anyway doesn't MS word auto-fix the double space?

  2. Speaking from the position of someone who's partially completed a proof-reading/copy-editing course (not that you could tell from this blog...), the key IS in fact, consistency. And yeah, Word does auto-fix the double space. Doesn't stop me doing it, however...
    Well, it seems I'm more alone than I thought. I've been shouted at from some *very* high horses in the last couple of days. So, DileMMa it is. Goodbye, silent 'n'! I'll miss you!